Sound Lab

In order to substantiate product claims, Acustico Lighting commissioned independent research and sound level testing.

Building for Impact (B4I) is driven by the goal of providing healthy, satisfactory and productive indoor environment to the building users. B4I has put together a team of facilities manager, mechanical engineer, architects and researchers to help in delivery and management of healthy and sustainable built environments

Independent Testing Process

The purpose of the study was to measure the difference between sound levels in various environments with and without the Acustico Lighting product. The testing was conducted in a café, an office and an educational building.

B4I was engaged to conduct sound level testing to assess the performance of Acustico Lighting products, specifically the 900mm Round Punk Light.

The methodology and equipment used to conduct the testing was informed by Australian Standards AS/NZS 2107:2016 Acoustics, and the WELL Performance Verification Guidebook v1: Test for building interior noise levels.

The results of the tests in the existing conditions of the buildings were compared with the tests conducted after introducing the lighting product in the same atmosphere.

Test results

There was an overall reduction in noise levels across all frequencies in the studied buildings after introducing the product.

The results show up to 28% attenuation at the frequency of 1 kHz in the studied buildings. Overall, some amount of sound attenuation was achieved in all the measured frequencies after introducing the product. This suggests the product can aid in absorption of sound in various built environments.

This translates to reveal that the Acustico Lighting product reduces up to 30% of mid-frequency/ conversational noise and up to 45% of high/ background frequency noise in the surrounding environment making.

These claims are the result of two years of dedicated research and development whereby the materials and manufacturing process is designed to creating a superior acoustic solution.

A huge thank you to our friends who have have supported Acustico Lighting on its journey.